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10 Ton Magnetic Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale

03 06, 2019

Magnetic Bridge Crane Specifications

Type: Magnetic bridge crane, with both Electromagnetic chuck and hook

Suitable working place: lifting metal materials (such as metal scrap, steel scrap, steel sheets and rebars) in workshops or outdoor stores in factories and mines

Working temperature: -10 - 60 degreee

Working duty: A3-A7

Capacity: 10 ton

Lifting speed: 15 m/min

Lifting height: Max. 18 m

Hoist traveling speed: 38 m /min

Crane traveling speed: 80 m / min

Span: as you required, max 34.5 m

Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 3phase or any other as your required

Safety Features:

* permanent magnetic disk .

* Overload protection device to avoid overloading

* Lifting and traveling limit protection

* Top quality bearing and polyurethane buffer, long service life

* Emergency stop protection

* Voltage lower protection function and current overload protection system

Our Service

One year guarantee after receiving production

1. Provide products drawing and design plans

2. Timely provide production procedure photos

3. Provide package plans and allow user to select package materials

4. 24 hours online

5. Provide installation guide or arrange techncial staff to work site

6. Provided loading test, commissoning, techncial and operation traning

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