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Battery Rail Transfer Cart For Plant Material Transport

02 23, 2019

Battery Rail Transfer Cart Working principle

The carts are powered by storage battery. Storage battery supplies power to DC traction motor, and the DC traction motor drags the cart moving.

Battery Rail Transfer Cart Functions

The main function of the trackless transfer trolley is transfer material from one place to another within a workshop or among workshops.

Battery Rail Transfer Cart Application

This kind of transfer trolley is mainly used on straight rails, but it also can be specially used both on the 'S' and arc-shaped railways to carry many different kinds of stuff. It also can be used in the ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment and the hydraulic lifting device can be installed on the flat carts. This kind of transfer cart is suitable to be used in the long running distance transportation and low using frequency.

Battery Rail Transfer Cart Safety device

Warning light


Emergency stop

Limit switch

Approximity switch

Battery Rail Transfer Cart Advantages

Having 2 omni-directional wheels

Running flexibly and stably

Running on cement ground, don't need rails

battery rail transfer cart

battery rail transfer cart


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