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Control methods of electric hoist bridge crane

04 08, 2020

Electric hoist bridge cranes are light and medium duty cranes, are mainly used for the assembly, maintenance, and loading and unloading of machinery workshops, warehouses, stockyards, and power stations, but can not work in a place with a relative humidity greater than 85%, and can not lift the molten metal and toxic, flammable, and explosive materials.

Electric hoist bridge cranes control method

The operation mode is divided into three types: ground control, operation room control, and wireless remote control. User can choose two or three combinations of the above.

* The ground control adopts tapping type, the operator can freely choose the position along the bridge direction;

* The operation room is controlled by buttons and cams, and the control is reliable and flexible. The operation room can be equipped with additional equipment such as electric furnace, over-limit controller and air conditioner according to user requirements;

* The wireless remote control can control at any distance within the range of 50 ~ 100m from the crane.

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