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Crane machine rated load test

09 21, 2019

Crane machine rated load test requirements:

The mechanism of the crane machine is normal and there is no rail gnawing. Static stiffness requirements are as follows: A1 ~ A3 level ≤ S / 700; A4 ~ A6 level ≤ S / 800; A7 level ≤ S / 1000. After the test, the crane machine should be free from cracks, loose joints, and structural damage that may affect the performance and safety of the crane machine.

Rated load test method

Lift the rated load and carry out the lifting and running linkage test. For static stiffness measurement, the trolley is run to the middle of the span, measure the actual arch value, the lower deflection value of the trolley when it is in the middle of the span is measured. The difference between the front and the rear of the trolley is measured by a level meter or a theodolite or an arch surveyer.

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