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Crane machines load test

10 09, 2019

1. The order of the crane machines load test should be noted, first the no-load test, then the rated load test, then the static load test (1.25 times rated load), and finally the dynamic load test (1.1 times rated load). After the previous test is passed, the next test can be carried out;

2. The weight of the test load must be accurate;

3. The crane machine load should be regular, the walking ground of the gantry crane should be solid and flat;

4. Must pay attention to the safety of the work site, the testing personnel should be away from the test crane machine. Unrelated people around should avoid it;

5. The walking beam (steel structure or concrete) of the bridge crane should be able to meet the load-bearing capacity of the crane machine load test;

6. The height of the static load test from the ground is 100 ~ 200mm, and the lifting height cannot be increased;

7. After the test is completed, the connection of the weight limiter or its action value should be restored.

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