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Double Beam Bridge Crane Features

03 09, 2019

Double Beam Bridge Cranes mainly compose of bridge beam, crane traveling mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment and other components. According to the different use degrees, Double Beam Bridge Cranes are divided into A5, A6, A7 three work levels.

Double Beam Bridge Cranes can be operated and controlled all in the driver cabin, Double Girder Overhead Cranes main parameters:

Lifting Weight: 5~10 ton,16/3.2~50/10 ton,75/20~100/20 ton,100/32 ton, 125/30~250/50 ton,300/40 ton,350/75 ton,400/80 ton,600/150 ton

Span: 10.5 ~ 31.5 m, 13 ~ 31 m.

Lifting height: 6 ~ 22 meters.

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