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Electric chain hoist purchase

06 11, 2019

The electric chain hoist is a lifting tool that is often used inside the workshop, is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, and stable in operation and lifting. The electric chain hoist has begun to replace the bulky electric hoist, widely used in low lifting weight, clean workshop and precision installation.

Before purchasing, can distinguish the quality of the electric chain hoist according to the following points:

First, turn on the power, control the electric chain hoist to move up and down and left and right, observe whether the direction key is correct;

Press the up and down keys to observe the running distance, the smaller the distance, the better the electric chain hoist;

When running and stopping, the sound of the brake should be normal. 

When the brakes are finished, the chain should not slip. If it is, the friction plate may be too loose or the installation is not proper.

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