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Electromagnetic Overhead Crane Manufacturer

03 09, 2019

Magnetic overhead crane Technical parameter

Capacity: 32T

Mainly consists of lifting mechanism, cross traveling mechanism and long traveling mechanism

Spreader tool: magnetic, hook or container spreader

Can move load up and down, left and right, forward and back

Working temperature: -10 to 60 degree

Work class: A7

Power source: 3hp, 380V, 50Hz or other under customer's requirements

Application: Suitable to lift metal materials (such as metal scrap, steels crap, steel sheets and re bars) in workshops or outdoor stores in factories and mines

Magnetic overhead crane Safety features

Weight overload protection device

Top quality long time bearing and polyurethane materials buffer

Crane traveling limit switch

Voltage lower protection function

Emergency stop system

Current overload protection system

* 1 year Warranty for main body

* We provide free maintenance for spare parts, but the new components replaced should be paid

* We arrange engineer to supervise installation, make the load test, do commissioning, train of the buyer's workers

magnetic overhead crane


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