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How to use electric hoist safely?

03 19, 2020

Electric hoists are often used on monorail cranes, jib cranes and manual single-beam cranes. It is simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, good interchangeability, is widely used in factories. In addition to the training and certification of electric hoist operators, the following requirements must be observed:

1. Before starting, carefully check whether the equipment's machinery, electrical, wire rope, tongs, limiters, etc, are intact and reliable;

2. Do not lift with overload. When lifting, prevent touch the wire rope;

3. When bundling, it should be firm, and should set pads at the sharp corner notches of the object;

4. The insulation must be good, press the electric button correctly, pay attention to the standing position when operating;

5. Single-rail electric hoist must decelerate when turning around the track or near the end of the track.

6. Any electric hoist with operation room must be operated by someone with license.

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