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Lifting Single Girder Overhead Crane Manufacturer

03 09, 2019

Single Girder Overhead Crane Brief introduction

Single Girder Overhead Crane are mostly used for indoor processing and material handling, consist of bridge beam and two end beams, have been designed in accordance with strict national specifications, and we have the best engineers and technicians to design and manufacture, high quality, flexibility, safety, easy operation.

And, in order to ensure the Single Girder Overhead Crane normal operation, it was equipped with a series of Safety Protection Devices, Close type hook, anti-collision system, weight overload protection device, emergency switch and others.

Single Girder Overhead Crane Technological Parameters

Capacities: 1 to 32 ton

Lifting height: according to your request

Span: 7 to 31.5 m

Working duty: A5 to A6 (about CMAA Crane Service Classes D/E)

Power supply: according to your demands

Single Girder Overhead Crane Characteristics

* Bridge beam and frame are welded structure without weld joint and high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity

* Lifting mechanism is electric hoist, kinds od can be selected, chain hoist, low headroon electric hoist, mine hoist, explosion proof electric hoist, etc, and can equip with hook, grab and other tools to lift load

* Rail, gear, wheel are manufactured by our own group, good quality control

* Main electric parts are Siemens and other famous brand

* Motor is heavy duty slide ring type, Xindali brand, Nanjing brand or some other top quality

* Buffer adopts polyurethane material and the brake is electric hydraulic type

* Operation is in the cabin room

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