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1.The Company guarantee that the goods are new, unused, and in accordance with provisions of the contract quality, specifications and performance requirements in every respect. When delivery, we will provide certificate of quality, factory inspection report as your requirement.

2. Before installation, we will provide text, images, video, or send someone on-site to help, guid, and free train the related person about the product techncial information.

3. We guarantee the product quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in the contract, we will provide user manual and instructions, users shall install and operate totally according to specified procedures in the munal and instructions.

4. Product quality guarantee period is 12 months after device successfully be received.

5. During the operateion, if there is product quality problem or it can not meet the requirements, we promise to repair or replace.

6. During warranty period, we will give response to the failure within one hour after receiving.

7. Our product quality breach contract, we will bear the financial responsibility according to contract terms and relevant laws.