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Crane Machine Maintenance

First, lubrication
Crane work performance and life depend on lubrication.
Lubrication maintenance of mechanical and electrical products, should be injected once a week. You should regularly check the oil level, and add.

Second, wire rope
Pay attention to wire rope of electric hoist. If broken wires, or worn up, should replace new rope, you can use wire rope with phosphate coated, zinc-coated steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.

Third, spreader
Spreader must be regularly checked.

Forth, wheels
Periodically check, when the round portion was worn or cracked up to 10% thickness, should be replaced with new wheels. When tread of two driving wheels diameter is more than D/600, or severe scars is on the tread, should replace or repaire again.

Fifth, brake
Should be checked in each class. Brakes should be accurate, brake shoes should fit the brake wheel, loose brake should be equal.