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10T Double Girder Semi Gantry Crane Manufacturer Design Specification

JINRUI is one of the professional Semi gantry crane manufacturers and suppliers. Don't hesitate to import customized and cheap workshop and warehouse gantry crane made in China from our factory or check the price and design with us.

Semi gantry crane is a deformation of the bridge crane and gantry crane, have single girder and double girder two types.

Semi gantry crane one side is lay at the building edge like overhead crane, another side traveling with support leg like gantry crane. This Semi Gantry Crane is suitable for the both workshop and outdoor, because of its structure, the Semi Gantry Crane is high utilization rate of the site, wide operation scope, adapt wide versatility range and other characteristics.

Semi gantry crane is combining the advantages of overhead crane and gantry crane, widely used to do bulk material and steel handling, loading and unloading work  in indoor and outdoor workshop, storage warehouse, mine, yard and other outdoor sites


1. low cost, save space, perfect performance

2. compact structure, beautiful and durable appearance

3. easy installation, convenient maintenance

4. A series of safety protection device, such as buffer, limit switch, etc

5. Three control mode: remote control, cabin control or pendent line with press button control

6. Support leg can be designed A or L shape

Double & Single girder semi gantry crane  Specification

Lifting capacity: 10 ton

Lifting height: 5-30 m

Lifting speed: 7 m / min

Hoist traveling speed: 20 m /min

Crane traveling speed: 20/ 30 m / min

Working doty: A3-A7