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Explosion-proof Pneumatic Hydraulic Lift Platform

Jinrui company was established in 1981, is the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Lift Platform made in China. Lift Platform is usually used in workshop and warehouse, also used ourdoor. We offer cheap price, and have many experience on customized production and special design, welcome to our factory for visiting.

Lift Platform is also can named Lift Table, Scissor Lift, Hydraulic Scissor Lift, about this Explosion-proof Pneumatic type Lift Platform, it has following advantage:

1. The Lift Platform rated load is up to 40 ton.

2. The Lift Platform is 100% explosion-proof.

3. This type Lift Platform is air driven, large loading, stable structure, smooth up and lower

4. Lift Platform is easy installation and maintenance

5. Lift Platform Application: many industrial logistics, machine manufacturing, coal mines, chemical industries, petrochemical company, paints and coatings, shipping, etc

6. Lift Platform is mainly used for transporting, loading, delivering, dispatching goods

7. Lift Platform has stable pressure system, will not sudden fall

8. This type Lift Platform can be used in high safety requirementenvironment

9. Lift Platform Can be customized on request

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