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Crane Market analysis

Jinrui machinery is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of Gantry crane, overhead crane made in China, we offer factory cheap price, and design customized Gantry crane, overhead crane, bridge crane, EOT crane.

Crane machine (including overhead travelling cranes) do a cycle intermittent motion, including lifting mechanism, traveling mechanism, luffing and slewing mechanism and metal structures.

Nearly 20 years, engineering crane industry has undergone great changes in the world, off-road tyre crane and all terrain crane products development break the original product and market. Under the impact of economic development and intense competition, resulting in further world markets integration. Now the world main producers of construction cranes are United States, Japan, Germany, and France, Italy and so on, world markets are concentrated in North America, Japan/Asia and Europe.

United States is the crane's main production country, is one of the largest world market. Because Japan and Germany developed in the 60-70 and rapidly occupied the market, United States manufacturers leading position in the world market have weakened. In recent years, United States manufacturer's strength has been enhanced.

From the 70 's, Japan as a construction crane production power, improved products quality and quantity, have been exported to European and American markets, annual output ranks first in the world.

The European is a market with great potential. European industrial countries is the exporter, also an important importer of construction cranes. Germany is the largest market, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries.