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Portal crane components

Portal crane made in China also named Floating Dock Crane, Portal Jetty Crane, Portal Jib Crane, Container Portal Crane, we are the one of manufacturers and suppliers, we offer factory cheap price, and design for customized production, please feel free to contact us.

Portal cranes have hoisting, slewing, luffing and traveling mechanism, the first three mechanism mounted on the rotating section, participate in operations in each period. 

Rotating section is also equipped with cabin and single arm or unit arm which can tilt. Traveling mechanism is mounted at the lower portal crane, for adjusting the crane work position. 

Also equipped with telescopic funnel, belt conveyors and other additional equipment to increase productivity of grab loading and unloading of bulk materials.

In addition to electrical protection device, also equipped with lifting capacity or lifting torque limiter, crane rail clip and other safety devices.