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Basic classification of bridge crane

Bridge crane also can named overhead crane, EOT crane, it is usually used in workshop, warehouse. Jinrui machinery is one of the manufacturers and suppliers, and our factory support customized cranes, we will design crane with cheap price.

Bridge cranes are the most widely used material lifting equipment crane, was install in workshops, warehouses above flied. Bridge Hoist Crane can make full use of the space below the bridge crane, without impeding ground equipment. Bridge Cranes can be divided into ordinary bridge cranes, metallurgical bridge crane and simple beam bridge crane.

Ordinary bridge crane consist of by beam, travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism and metal structure. Crane is mainly driven by electricity, usually in the drivers room to control or remote control. Load capacity is up to 500 tons and span is up to 60 meters.

Metallurgy bridge cranes can participate in specific operations in the steel production process. Its basic structure is similar to ordinary bridge crane, but the crane was also equipped with special mechanism and device. Metallurgy bridge Crane work feature is high frequency use, adapt to harsh conditions, higher levels work.

Simple beam bridge crane structures is similar to ordinary bridge crane, smaller weights, smaller span and higher speed work.