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Large Duty Crane Safety Operation

The large duty crane machine accident is uncertain. accidents can occur not only in the non-normal operation, even under normal operating conditions may also occur. The accident can spread to all personnel in lifting operations field, the operator is in a huge metal structure in midair, the ground staff is always in danger of possible falling weight area. Machinery maintenance & repair, disassembly, inspection, and security personnel are at risk of high places and electrical shock. so during the operation process, must strictly abide by the rules following:
1. When change driver, pre-diver should carafully check brakes, hooks, ropes and safety devices, if find something non-normal, should be solve before the operation;
2. Before driving, you must bell ring or alarm, if close to people, should give bell ring or alarm;
3. Operation should strictly do in accordance with command signal. Emergency stop signal, should carry out immediately no matter who gave;
4. Shut off main power supply only when ensure there is no body around crane machine, if there is a lock or signs on the power, should ask to take off, then shut off main power supply.
5. Before shut off the main power supply, should make all controller, draw handle at zero position;
6. If a sudden power failure, all control levers and draw handle should be at zero position, before re-work, should check to ensure crane operations are normal;
7. Open-air track crane operation, when off work, the crane should be anchored. When the wind is greater than level 6, stop working and anchored crane. For portal cranes, when the wind is greater than 7, stop working and anchored crane;
8. The driver should shut off power and hang warning sugnd or lock when maintain, if there is fault, the driver shall notify the succession driver.