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Bridge Crane Types

Sep 01, 2016

Bridge crane has different types, as one of overhead crane manufacturers and suppliers, bridge crane classify by different working condition, function, workduty,  such as different workshop, warehouse, factory or customized design type, etc. No matter which type, we will offer cheap price.

Bridge crane consist of hoisting mechanism, traveling mechanism and trolley frame. Hoisting mechanism includes a motor, brake, reducer, drum and pulley.

Simple beam EOT crane

Also known as beam overhead crane, 0-20 ton bridge crane, samll weight, span and work rate Bridge crane beam is made of I-beam steel or other steel, equip with manual hoist or electric hoist, and simple trolley.

Heavy duty Metallurgy overhead crane

This EOT crane can do particular process operation in steel production process, there are special work mechanism or device on lifting trolley. These type overhead crane can be used frequently, higher working livel, suitable for harsh conditions.

Explosion proof bridge crane

This type overhead crane are mainly used in explosive atmospheres, like coal mine, mining plant

Grab Overhead Crane

The grab bridge crane equip with Grab, ususlly used for lifting goods which is bulk material.

Electromagnetic Bridge Crane

Magnetic EOT Crane equip with electromagnetic chuck, when power on, magnetic chuck can catch uo the steel material, lift to the designated place.

European EOT Crane

European Bridge Crane is based on Chinese domestic-made crane, combine with European crane advanced technology, structure compact and reliable, good universality, low price, light weight, energy-saving, low noise