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Overview and Technical Analytics of Portal Crane

Aug 26, 2016

Portal Crane also can be named Harbor Crane, Floating Dock Crane, Portal Jetty Crane, Portal Jib Crane. Our factory is  the one of professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering cheap price and design service to meet your requirement.

Overview of Portal Crane

* Portal crane applications: loading and unloading at port, materual handing 

* Portal crane work place: dockyard, ship building and repairing yard, metalluygy industry, etc

* Portal crane classification: one link type and four link type

* Portal crane structure: frame, traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, grabbing device (grab, hook, etc), electrical equipment, safety devices, etc.

* Portal crane design and manufacturing standards:

* Portal crane specification: GB/T17495-1998

* Lifting and electrical equipment afety rules: GB/T14406-1993), ISO standards, FEM standards and JIS standards.

Portal Crane parts usage

* Frame: rigid rack, support the entire portal crane

* Traveling mechanism: make the entire crane move wherever

* Lifting mechanism: transport and stack goods

* Luffing mechanism and slewing mechanism: make sure a constant working state, help the goods transportation and stacking without entire crane moving in a rate distance range.

* Grabbing device (grab, hook, etc): grabbing the goods

* Electrical equipment: the power supply of entire portcrane

* Safety devices: also named limit device, make sure the portal crane will not in the situation which exceed its rate performance