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Small Column Mounted Jib Crane

May 19, 2017

JINRUI is one of the professional column mounted jib crane manufacturers and suppliers. Don't hesitate to import customized and cheap workshop and warehouse 360 degree jib crane, rotating arm crane, floor mounted jib crane made in China from our factory or check the price and design with us.

Column Mounted Jib Crane can be used in factory building, Economical and beneficial, simple structure, can choose the crane weight from 0.25 to 20 tons.

Column Mounted Jib Crane Other Character

* Can use ground or remote control, pendent line with press button, manual operation

* Have BZQ, BZD type jib crane

* Simple installation, no special floor space required

* Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency, can lift, quickly transport and precisely deposit all kinds of work pieces at anytime

* Easy handling, lighten laboring work, relieve the physically demanding work

* Factory testing of every part, certifies the functionality and quality

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