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Analysis of the no-load test of crane machine

08 10, 2019

The crane machine needs to do the load test to test the sensitivity and safety of each mechanism. The general test includes no-load test, rated load test, static load test and dynamic load test. According to the test requirements, it is necessary to separately prepare the no-load, rated load, 1.25 times load and 1.1 times load. 

Compared with other mechanical and electrical equipment, the crane machine required tonnage of the load is relatively large. The test should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and standards. Today, the no-load test is specifically analyzed.

No-load test

The no-load test of crane machine can verify whether the safety of various safety devices is reliable and reliable; whether the operation of each mechanism is normal and the braking is reliable; the control system and electrical control system should work normally; and the large and small vehicles running along the track should have no track.

The test method for no-load test is: first power on; after the safety devices have passed the test, carry out the no-load lifting and running test, repeat the up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and check whether the operation and control systems of each mechanism are abnormal.

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