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Check before electric single girder cranes using

08 13, 2019

The electric single girder crane is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, it runs on the I-beam track, and has electric and manual control types, relatively simple and has many applications. It is mainly composed of electric hoist, metal structure, cart running mechanism, lifting device and electric device. 

Check before electric single girder cranes using

Before driving, carefully check whether the mechanical equipment, electrical parts and protective devices are intact and reliable. If the main accessories such as controllers, brakes, limiters and emergency switches fail, it is strictly forbidden to work.

Check if there are any abnormalities in the parts of the crane, especially check the connection of the main beam. Check the track, the beam and the running mechanism are clean and tidy, the crane is not damaged, and if it is abnormal, it is not allowed to use.

The stopper on the track has no deformation, damage, looseness.

Wheel tread and rim have no obvious wear and damage. Check the wheel, there should be no cracks, indentations and wear overruns. When the defect depth exceeds 3mm, it should be replaced immediately.

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