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Application of cranes in logistics

11 30, 2019

The logistics industry has grown rapidly, and the demand for crane lifting equipment, which is one of the main logistics equipment, has also increased rapidly. Lifting equipment has been widely used in transportation, warehousing, distribution, and handling.

In the past, the handling of goods in the logistics industry was mainly manual and semi-mechanized, and the work efficiency was not high. As the industry's mechanization and informationization level continued to increase, such as gantry, bridge cranes, jib cranes and other applications in the logistics and warehousing are continuously expanding, which has a great effect on improving work efficiency.

In addition, crane machines have been used in every aspect of logistics enterprises, such as warehouse handling, transportation, distribution, and packaging, loading and unloading in logistics. In logistics and warehousing, hoisting machinery for a certain type of goods also continues to emerge, greatly improving the degree of specialization.

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