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Crane wire rope and ground anchor

11 27, 2019

1. Crane machines (single beam cranes, electric hoist cranes) should be scrapped when the number of broken wires exceed 10%, the rope is rusted or the surface is worn up to 40%, and there are dead bends and structural deformation of the rope core. 

If the broken wire or abrasion is less than the scrap standard, the bearing capacity should be reduced proportionally, when it is manually driven, K = 4.5; when it is mechanically driven, K = 5 ~ 6.

2. Wire ropes of crane machines should be with a safety factor of K = 3.5, specifications should conform to the requirements of the construction plan, and the ropes should be firmly connected to the ground anchor.

3. The method of burying the ground anchor shall be determined through calculation. The position and depth of the ground anchor shall comply with the requirements of the construction plan and the actual angle of the pole operation.

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