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Brake check for jib cantilever crane

10 22, 2019

1. Each year or after 500,000 brakes, the butterfly spring group should be inspected. If the braking force is insufficient, the disc spring in the hydraulic brake should be replaced in time.

2. The jib cantilever crane should adopt dynamic braking, it cannot only rely on mechanical braking. Otherwise, the brake disc will be heated, once an emergency occurs, it will affect the braking torque and cause an accident.


3. When replacing the brake shoe, should pressure it tight. If the size is not met, it should be repaired in time.

4. The insufficient roughness of the brake disc and the large yaw amount on the end of the disc will increase the wear of the disc. It is recommended to adjust or replace the appropriate disc.

5. Brake shoes and disc brakes must not be oiled, so as not to reduce the friction coefficient of brake shoes affect the braking force.

6. Jib cantilever crane main bearing bush wear lead, will also accelerate the wear of the brake disc, it is recommended to adjust the main bearing bush.

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