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The manual lever hoist

10 19, 2019

The manual lever hoist is manually pulled by the handle, it is compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient and labor-saving, safe and reliable, long service life, small hand pulling force and small abrasion of the wire rope.

The manual lever hoist solves the problem of lifting and transporting goods without energy power, and can be used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining and other industries. Now let's explain the reason why the handle need large force to pull.

Reason one: Overloading has always been the culprit of damage to the hoist. If the weight of the cargo exceeds the rated load of the manual lever hoist, it will cause the handle to move hard, even if it is not moved. If it is forced to move, the handle may be broken.

Reason two: Internal parts are corroded, damaged, worn, and the parts are stuck, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally. It requires frequent cleaning and maintenance, and it needs to be unload tested before each use to ensure that the work can be completed safely and smoothly.

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