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Crane machine lifting weight limiter

11 13, 2019

There are four types of lifting weight limiters: hook type, wire rope type, bearing type and fixed pulley type.

1. The hook type weight limiter has three types: direct display type, frequency modulation launch type and separate type;

2. The wire rope tension type uses a special fixture, and the sensor is installed on the lifting wire rope, and the tension of the wire rope is detected to reflect the load. This method is easy to install and has high detection accuracy;

3. The bearing type sensor adopts double shear beam type or cylindrical shape, with special accessories, and is installed on the side of the wire rope reel non-reducer. The device is convenient, easy to maintain and has high precision;

4. There are two specific installation forms for the fixed pulley type. One is to configure a set of pallet brackets, the fixed pulley shaft is slightly lifted, the sensor mounted on the bracket bears the load; the other is to control the fixed pulley shaft, press the sensor into one end of the shaft, and when installation use the shaft replace the original pulley shaft.

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