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Wire rope electric hoist rope guide

11 16, 2019

The wire ropes shall be arranged neatly in order on the reel, GB6974.4-1986 "Glossary terms and components of cranes" shall be interpreted as a rope guide, which can make the wire ropes align neatly at regular intervals.

The working principle of the rope guide used in various electric hoists is similar. The electric hoist with single layer winding should be equipped with a rope guide to ensure that when the hook is lowered and the rope is free from other external forces, the rope can still freely move from the rope guide outlet. When raising and lowering, the angle of the wire rope to the vertical plane of the reel axis is ±3°, which can prevent the rope from being roped and ensure the wire rope electric hoist can work normally.

The rope guide can also prevent the wire rope from being squeezed and deformed into the gap at the end of the drum, preventing the skewed rope from causing deformation of the rope, the wire rope and the abrasion between the wire rope and the drum shell.

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