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How To Correctly Install Crane Lifting Machine

03 05, 2019

Crane lifting machine is important heavy mechanical and electrical equipment tool, widely used to move horizontally or vertically, consist of lifting mechanism, running institutions, luffing and slewing mechanism and steel metal structures. These are general requirements for Crane lifting machine installation, as follow:

Before Crane lifting machine installation, fully grasp the crane performance and crane features, analyze and understand installation method and order, and strictly comply with them.

When installing, please pay attention to the wind speed, wind speed must meet the design requirements, generally not exceeding 13m/s.

All parts are connected properly and reliably.

Lifting equipment and lifting slings must be checked strictly before use.

Follow wire rope use and installation requirements, cannot be hard, cage-bending distortion, loose, broken wires, bare core unit, and so on. Special multilayer non-rotating wire rope should be packed of the rollers around directly into the drum. If necessary cut off, make sure to prevent loose.

Components must be installed in strict accordance with the design requirements, they must not cancel, substitute and add arbitrarily, any change should obtain technical personnel agreement before they execute.

After installation, must be inspected properly.

Strictly comply with the Crane lifting machine performance, must know clearly about manual lifting equipment, lifting capacity, parts quality, crane dimensions, lifting center of gravity height.

Before lifting, carefully inspect lifting equipment, lifting rigging. Load test should be carried out and confirmed safe.

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