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Crane Machine Considerations

03 05, 2019

(1) Crane machine weight must be marked in the obvious place.

(2) During work time, there should no one is on the bridge crane or under the hooks.

(3) The driver who has no certificate or drunk do not allowed to drive after drinking.

(4) During operation, must be focused, must not talking, smoking or doing something else.

(5) Regularly clean equipment, instruments, clean up combustible, explosive and other dangerous goods.

(6) Crane machine overload do not allowed to use.

(7) Must not lifting under following conditions: bundling is not strong, overload signal is unclear, suspended objects without security protection, combustible, explosive and other dangerous goods, full liquids, wire rope does not meet safety requirements; lifting mechanism is faulty.

(8) When lifting capacity is less 50% of the rated Crane machine, crane allows to lift two agencies, suspended objects is greater than rated capacity 50%, can only one action.

(9) No suspended objects on welding body and hammer, and also not below the object with support.

(10) Do not allowed to throw things down from the Crane machine.

(11) You should regularly check the limit switch and interlocking protection device,

(12) Do not allowed to touch the limit switch as a means to stop.

(13) When Crane machine brake has problems, do not allowed to lift heavy loads.

(14) Do not hang the object above people and equipment.

(15) When Crane machine weld, should have dedicated ground wire.

(16) The hook at the lower limit position, the wire must retain more turns on the safety rope.

(17) The Crane machines do not allowed to collide, must not use one crane to push another crane to work.

(18) Lifting heavy objects, liquid metal, explosive and dangerous goods, you must slowly lift off the ground 100~200mm, and test the reliability of the actuator.

(19) The repairment and inspection of lights, the voltage must be less than 36V.

(20) Do security checks regularly, do a pre-inspection repair work.

(21) All electrical equipment shell should be grounded protection.

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