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Maintenance Of Electric Bridge Crane

03 05, 2019

To make sure the electric bridge crane is in good technical condition, timely remove potential trouble, ensure safe operation, cost the shortest stop time and lowest maintenance cost to complete the repair work of crane, we must pay attention to crane regular maintenance and inspection.

1) The electric bridge crane appearance: overall clean, free accumulated dust, check the cracks, welding.

2) Hoist, trolley:

   a. Check and tighten the drive shaft, gear boxes, coupling and shafts

   b. Check and adjust the clearance between brake and wheel, to make it uniform, sensitive, and reliable.

3) Abnormal sound

   During Runtime, if there is abnormal sound inside the box, open and check. General it is due to damage of bearing and gear, meshing clearance is too large, bearing and gear tooth wear out and other reasons.

4) Wire rope, hook and pulley

   Check and ensure wire rope, hook and pulley is safe and reliable, wear exceeds the specified value should be replaced. Common wire rope are phosphate coated wire, zinc-coated steel wire rope and smooth wire, wires rope inspection should focus on observe wire corrosion, abrasion, kinks, and other more serious problem. After inspection, make a mark, pay attention to tracking, review. Need to check wire rope safety limit, wire rope clamps are compact and suitable model NO.

5) Lubricating: check all parts oil, grease, add or change the oil, grease according to the requirements.

6) Electric bridge crane pulley.

   Check if there is crack on cast iron pulley, especially the parts which usually doesn't work, they are easily ignored. The wire rope length and tension adjust automatically through the balance wheel, so, before installation must ensure its rotation flexibility, or there will be more difficult and more risky at high altitude, and maybe need large adjustment.

7) Electric parts

   a. Check if the limit switch is sensitive and reliable.

   b. Check whether the electrical box electrical is sensitive and reliable.

   c. Check motor, bells, wire is safety and reliability.

   d. Check the signal is good.

electric bridge crane

electric bridge crane


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