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How to reduce the noise of double girder bridge cranes

06 20, 2019

The double girder bridge crane consists of three major parts: mechanical parts, electrical parts and metal structures. It is an important equipment in the manufacturing equipment industry, but the noise generated during use will bring health problems to workers. How can we reduce the noise?

The noise sources of double girder bridge cranes are mainly: noise of electric drive systems, motors, mechanical devices and gears, and power supply components also emit noise; and the load-bearing steel structure and hydraulic pumps is also prone to louder sounds.

In view of the above noise generation, some simple steel plate structures such as double girder bridge crane walkways, should manufacture and install strictly in accordance with the process requirements, to avoid the same radiation noise as large parts, and sound insulation panels can be built in key positions.

The hydraulic pump should reasonably design the oil trap zone of the distribution plate to improve the self-priming performance of the hydraulic pump, and adopt a larger diameter suction pipe; try to use a lower speed hydraulic pump to reduce leakage, etc.

Double girder bridge cranes should choose quieter components, such as high-quality three-in-one motor drive to reduce transmission components; use variable frequency speed control system to minimize the impact of lifting and running.

Do a good job of maintenance, replace worn or damaged parts in time to reduce unnecessary collisions and friction.

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