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Testing before use of electric chain hoist

06 18, 2019

There are five steps in the operation test before using the electric chain hoist:

1. Press the down button to operate the electric chain hoist to go down until the limit spring hits the limit switch. At the time, the motor should stop automatically.

2. Press the up button until the chain is completely recycled into the chain bag and the motor should stop running automatically.

3. Test the emergency stop switch, press the up or down button, and press the emergency stop switch at the same time, the hook should stop running.

4. Check the lubrication of the lifting chain, should maintain a small amount of lubricating oil in the chain bag, so that the chain can be immersed in the lubricating oil.

5. Check the directionality of the chain, all the welding points should be in the same direction, only when all the chain welding points are on the same line, the electric chain hoist can be completely correct operation.

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