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Lifting machinery classification

05 14, 2019

1. Lifting machinery can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, cranes machine and lift elevators according to the working mode.

* Light and small lifting equipment mainly refers to lifting equipment with only one lifting device, such as jacks, pulleys, electric hoists, etc.

* Crane machine refers to lifting equipment that can be vertically lifted and horizontally transported, such as bridge cranes (also called overhead cranes or eot cranes), truck cranes, gantry cranes, etc.

* The lift elevators refers to the crane which is fixed position, fixed the lifting line, and its wire rope is used for traction, the rail is used for restriction, and the lifting device with the limit box cage, such as elevators, winches, etc.

2. The crane machine is divided into two types according to the structure: beam crane and boom crane.

* Bridge cranes, metallurgical cranes, gantry cranes are beam cranes.

* Portal cranes, tower cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, wheeled cranes, and jib cranes are boom cranes.

3. The crane machine is divided into fixed and mobile according to the operation mode.

(1) Tower cranes and jib cranes are fixed crane machines.

(2) Bridge cranes, gantry crane, tire cranes, crawler cranes, railway cranes are mobile cranes.

And, mobile cranes are divided into rail type and trackless type. Bridge cranes and gantry cranes are rail type, tire cranes and crawler cranes are trackless type.

Gantry crane

gantry crane

Bridge crane

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