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Outdoor gantry crane precautions

05 11, 2019

1. Should test lifting before each operation, lift the weight 200mm from the ground to test whether the brake is reliable, and it can be lifted after confirming safety.

2. When working, the outdoor gantry crane wire rope should be lifted vertically. It is not allowed to slant, otherwise it will not only make the weight swing or collide with other objects, but even cause the crane to overturn.

3. The distance between the hook and wire rope reel should be kept at a certain distance to prevent the hook from colliding with the reel to damage the reel, or the wire rope is broken, which may cause the lifting object to fall and endanger the person and surrounding things.

4. During the lifting, can not frequently press the operation buttons or press two or more buttons at the same time.

5. It is not allowed to use the outdoor gantry cranes to lift the unidentified objects buried in the ground or be frozen on the ground or other equipment, it will cause accidents.

6. The rain and snow days and windy weather, the outdoor gantry crane should stop lifting.

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