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Oil and gas lubrication of electric crane machines

10 30, 2019

Oil and gas lubrication is a new type of gas-liquid two-fluid cooling lubrication technology, suitable for high temperature, heavy load, high speed, very low speed and cold water, dirt and corrosive gas intrusion into the lubrication point and other working conditions are harsh.

Oil & gas lubrication and oil & mist lubrication are all gas two-phase fluid cooling lubrication technology, but in oil and gas lubrication, the oil is not atomized, the lubricating oil is extremely finely continuously injected to the lubrication point, and the oil consumption is greatly reduced than the oil mist lubrication. Moreover, the lubricating oil does not pollute the environment. For high-viscosity lubricating oil, it does not need to be heated. 

In addition, the oil and gas lubrication device is equipped with an organic external program control (PLC) device, the minimum air pressure of the control system, the pressure of the main oil pipe, the oil level and interval time in the oil reservoir.

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