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Overhead Bridge Crane Parts Slide Wire

03 06, 2019

Overhead bridge crane is a lifting equipment used in workshop, warehouse, as one of professional manufacturers and suppliers, our factory offer Customized design and cheap price.

Today, we will talk about some Overhead bridge crane parts knowledge: slide wire. Slide wire is a important overhead pats, used for mobile power supply, consists of two parts: slide wire rail, current collector.

Currently the bridge crane parts slide wire mainly apply unipolar combination slide wire, rigid trolley conductor, multi-polar tube trolley line, seamless slide wire, cable slide wire, I-beam slide wire, etc., and compare with old tpye slide wire, now there si a great improvement on the degree of protection and  insulation, more safety and reliable.

When the overhead bridge crane parts slide wire is used in dusty, wet environment, can be equipped with dust seals and hand protection (hand protection when slide wire is close to people).

Now, the mainly used slide wire model are the follow:

Unipolar combination overhead bridge crane trolley line, easy to install, speed can up to 500 m / min.

Rigid bridge crane slide wire, for high-current devices, up to thousands amps.

Multi-polar tube trolley conductor, combine depends on different poles, current is within 120A

Overhead bridge crane parts slide wire quality depends on follow:

1. Carbon brushes service life, wearing part

2. Slide wire shell quality, should be suitable for temperature, environment, etc.

3. Current collector performance, should meet a variety of environments

4. Slide wire expansion, must be pay attention to expansion issue when length is over 100 meters.

5. Voltage drop problem, it is different according to copper wire length.

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