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Overview And Technical Analytics Of Gantry Crane

03 06, 2019

Gantry Crane Feature

* Gantry Crane applications: loading and unloading, material handing 

* Work place: Factory yard, dockyard, ship building and repairing yard, metallurgy industry, etc

* Gantry Crane classification: single girder and double girder

* Structure: frame, traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical equipment, safety devices, etc.

* Design and manufacturing standards: GB/T17495-1998

* Lifting and electrical equipment safety rules: GB/T14406-1993), ISO standards, FEM standards.

Gantry Crane parts

* Frame: rigid rack, support the entire gantry crane

* Traveling mechanism: make the entire crane move wherever

* Lifting mechanism: transport and stack goods

* Grabbing device (grab, hook, etc): grabbing the goods

* Electrical equipment: the power supply of entire gantry crane

* Safety devices: also named limit device, make sure the crane will not in the situation which exceed its rate performance

gantry crane

gantry crane


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