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Reduce the maintenance cost of single beam crane

12 25, 2019

Single beam crane is a special equipment commonly used in factories, the maintenance cost during use is a large cost that is difficult to avoid, so, how can we reduce the maintenance cost?

1. Try to choose a higher configuration (such as a frequency conversion single beam crane) when purchasing, the price will be higher, but the higher performance will indeed avoid a lot of trouble.

2. If use a traditional single beam crane, it is especially important to do daily maintenance. Special maintenance should be carried out for maintenance, daily inspection, weekly inspection, and monthly inspection should be effectively implemented. Comprehensive maintenance should be performed every three months. The oil should be added for the oil, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.

3. The personnel responsible for operating single beam cranes are also more important. Experienced drivers have a much lower chance of failure. At the same time, must strengthen their awareness of safety precautions.

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