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Single beam crane trial operation without load

12 21, 2019

What are the requirements that a single beam crane should meet during no-load trial operation?

1. The operation direction and the running direction of the single beam crane mechanism should meet the design requirements;

2. Start the motors of each mechanism separately, and the operation should be normal, and measure the no-load current;

3. The actions of safety protection devices and brakes shall be accurate and reliable;

4. Electrical equipment such as power distribution screens, cabinets, motors, and controllers should work normally;

5. Each operation and lifting mechanism should go back and forth at least three times along the whole process, and there should be no abnormal phenomena;

6. The speed of laying and closing of a mechanism that uses flexible cables for power supply should be consistent with the speed of the operating mechanism;

7. The running mechanism and lifting mechanism driven by two or more motors are running in the correct direction, and the starting and stopping should be synchronized.

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