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Training and education for crane machine operation

08 22, 2019

The crane machine operation is a collective operation coordinated by the commander, the crane driver and the rigger. The safety quality of the personnel is the key to safe operation. Lifting operations require crane machine operators not only to have basic cultural and physical conditions, but also to understand relevant regulations and standards, to learn the theory and knowledge of lifting safety technology, and to master practical and safe rescue skills.

Crane drivers must undergo special assessment and obtain a certificate to operate independently. Commanders and riggers should also undergo professional technical training and safety skills training to understand the risks of the crane machine work, and to have the ability to protect themselves and protect others.

The command signal is the safety information of the crane machine operation. The random and non-uniform signal will become a danger of lifting safety. The hoisting and lifting command signal shall be based on national standards, and shall uniformly stipulate the semaphores, gestures, sounds used by the on-site commanders and crane drivers to ensure that the lifting operations are standardized, orderly and safe.

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