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Electric hoist hook can not be repaired by weld

08 24, 2019

The electric hoist hook is made by forging and heat treatment. The forging process is a method in the metal hot working process, is the process of metal structure refinement and metal fiber arranging, and the heat treatment is to eliminate internal stress and further improve the mechanical properties of the metal, which can make the internal structure of the metal more compact.

And, welding is the process of partial melting, fusion and solidification of metal.

During repair welding, the electric hoist hook near the weld repaired joint is heated and cooled by different degrees due to heat conduction, as if this part was heat treated to change the structure and properties. Most of the welding is for the wear and depression of the hook, and the depression is on the same line as the vertical dangerous section. The repair welding causes the metal structure of the hook to be refined and the metal fiber sequence is destroyed, which reduces the mechanical properties. So the electric hous hook cannot be repaired. If it is worn and cracked, it can only be replaced.

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